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High quality cheap fashion jewellery is often hard to find, but luckily we’ve got you covered here at Talbot Fashions. We have an extensive range of cheap costume jewellery in a variety of different styles that don’t compromise on quality.

Talbot Fashions is the home of online costume jewellery and accessories and we’ve got everything from bracelets, earrings and necklaces, to scarves, hair accessories and temporary tattoos. Basically when you think of anything to do with wholesale costume jewellery, we’ve got it covered.

Cheap fashion jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes and we try and cater for a wide range of personal styles. From bold, beautiful and bright accessories, to subtle, elegant pieces, we like to indulge in everyone’s tastes. We travel the world looking for the best cheap fashion jewellery to bring back to the UK and only gather the most trusted and reliable wholesale costume jewellery to sell on our website.

We’ve been providing cheap costume jewellery for a number of years now and we pride ourselves on the excellent brand we’ve established for ourselves in the world of online costume jewellery. Every season we add new, diverse lines of cheap fashion jewellery and accessories for women, men and children.

Wholesale costume jewellery is all about expressing your creativity and your own personality, but most of all it’s just about having fun. Everyone loves playing dress up and cheap fashion jewellery is the perfect way to do so. Browse our collection of cheap costume jewellery online today.

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  • RB166
    Box of 12 vintage style wraparound burnished mouse rings, 2 colours, 3 sizes   ..
  • OB25
    Gold drawstring organza bag, 11 x 15 cm   ..
  • OB24
    Gold drawstring organza bag, 7.5 x 10 cm   ..
  • OB18
    Fuchsia drawstring organza bag, 11cm x 15cm   ..
  • OB16
    Ivory drawstring organza bag, 11cm x 15cm ..
  • OB15
    Ivory drawstring organza bag, 7.5cm x 10 cm   ..
  • OB14
    Teal drawstring organza bag, 11cm x 15cm   ..
  • OB12
    Turquoise organza bag, 110 x 150 mm ..
  • NL1972
    Childrens colour changing mood dinosaur necklace, 6 designs, on adjustable thong ..
  • NL1963
    Semi-precious stone point pendant with metal plating, 3 stones: Blue Jasper, Red Jasper & Lapis ..
  • NL1958
    Long 3 row layered necklace with wrapped wire girasol semi-precious pendant and art deco style gold point, approx. 24" length ..
  • NL1953
    Long 28" statement necklace with crossed triangles pendant inset with resin stones and with a drop chain fringe ..
  • NL1943
    Art Deco/Egyptian geometric style gold statement necklace ..
  • NL1826
    Metal dinosaur pendant on adjustable cord necklace, 4 designs ..
  • K021
    Dark red glass stone beads with diamante spacers necklace on snake chain, length 16" +2.5" extension. Select either with hanging card for no extra cost (hanging card design may vary), or in a red presentation box (Update 27/11/18 We are almost out of the red necklace boxes so we will start to u..
  • K018
    Midnight blue glass stone necklace, length 17" +2.5" extension. Select either with hanging card for no extra cost (hanging card design may vary), or in a red presentation box (Update 27/11/18 We are almost out of the red necklace boxes so we will start to use black boxes instead when we ha..
  • HB642
    Pigley, kitten & puppy printed small hair clamp, 3 designs ..
  • HB617
    Teddy/Bunny pink ribbon covered beak clip, 2 designs ..
  • HB515
    Polka dot pattern plastic Alice band, 4 colours ..
  • G660
    Trendy Cactus zip purse ..
  • G657
    Children's plush rabbit/bunny ears Alice band ..
  • G614
    Childrens' elasticated Halloween spiderweb pattern tutu, 3 colours, 100% polyester (design may vary, but they will be approx. the same base colour and size) ..
  • G569
    Children's small fruit plush fabric zip purse ..
  • G535
    Butterfly design mini ring-bound notepads, 12 designs ..
  • G522
    Plush animal zip purse, 6 designs: donkey, duck, pig, cow, rabbit, giraffe (Animals may vary) ..
  • G521
    Plush doll face zip purse with fabric headscarf and woollen pigtails, 4 designs ..
  • BL1506
    Set of 3 Children's painted wooden butterfly & heart bead stretch bracelets ..
  • BL1352
    Elasticated bracelet with silver sentiment charm, 3 words: Dream, Laugh & Love ..
  • AL077
    Painted wooden bead surf anklets with charms, various colours and designs ..

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