Pretty pendants this autumn

Whilst some people revel in the warmth summer brings and others love the revitalisation of spring, my favourite time of year is autumn. Autumn has so much to offer and there are tons of things to love about this season. The colours that emerge during autumn are a real spectacle to behold; we’re treated to a sea of reds, browns, yellows and oranges which make the newly formed crisp in the air that little bit warmer.

Autumn leaf - Pretty pendants this autumn

During autumn there’s the excitement of Christmas just on the horizon and you can feel the country gearing up for the season of giving.  But autumn is also home to one of the best holidays in the year: Halloween! And let’s not forget the amazing food and drink that the  season brings: mince pies come on sale, apple ciders are all the rage and let’s not forget the seasonal menu in Costa and Starbucks;  pumpkin spiced everything!

Autumn is amazing because it gives us so much. Not only do we get the whole shebang I mentioned above, but we also get new fashion l  lines. Autumn clothing is the best; scarves, coats, boots, tights, hats and cosy jumpers make autumn the comfiest season for clothing but  I think it’s also the most stylish. Here at Talbot Fashions the new season brings new lines in wholesale fashion jewellery and we have a whole range of new products that can complement a brand new wardrobe!

Pretty pendants this autumn

For me, autumn and winter are all about jumpers, layers and knitwear and with regards to wholesale fashion jewellery, pendants are the way forward. Pendants are a great way to accessorize both day and night outfits, and for whether you’re looking to create either a casual vibe or more of a smart look.

Personally, I’ve fallen in love with at least a dozen of the pretty pendants we have here online and I’m sure you will too! Browse our new lines of wholesale fashion jewellery including our perfect-for-autumn pendants online or order a catalogue from us today.

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