The Bracelet – A Profile

In today’s article, we are going to be looking at the history of the bracelet as well as discussing our very own wholesale bracelets.

As with most other kinds of jewellery the earlier examples of the bracelets can be dated back to around the Ancient Egyptian times. These primitive bracelets would have been made with materials such as bones, stones and woods. It is thought that this kind of jewellery would have been more likely to serve religious and spiritual interests.

Such was the importance of jewellery to the ancient Egyptians, the Scarab Bracelet became one of the most recognised symbols of that era. This bracelet was said to represent rebirth and regeneration and was often found wrapped in to the linen bandages during the mummification process.

However, it wasn’t just the Ancient Egyptians who believed in the significance of the bracelet. Many other cultures and societies throughout history had their own traditions when it came to the bracelet.

Today bracelets have become one of the most important fashion accessories, this is why we here at Talbot Fashions stock a wide range of stylish wholesale bracelets. Take this Inlaid Paua shell cross bracelet, for example. Available in a variety of colours this dressy piece is perfect for special occasions.

The Bracelet - wholesale bracelets

Or how about this stylish Chunky metal bracelet or this turquoise heart bracelet, exceptionally classy and extremely dressy, these pieces will enhance your look.



Of course, we stock a wider range of wholesale bracelets, so make sure that you visit us online today for those and our extension range of other wholesale fashion jewellery, featuring all of the essentials your collections will need.

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